Fred Helou

It was Fred Helou’s determination and persistence from a young age, to own and run an electrical contracting company.

The day had come when all the pieces to the puzzle had aligned, and Fred founded Oxford Electrical Group in 2010 during a downturn in the industry due to the GFC. It was his hard work and perseverance that helped him forged the foundations to providing the strength required to grow the business through this tough time.

It is his core values of honesty, trust, integrity and loyalty which have paved the way to make Oxford the company it is today.

Fred’s diligence in customer service is his number one priority, a quality that is shared from Director all the way to apprentice, this truly shows how Oxford Electrical Group operates.

Having surrounded himself with quality and highly sort after management and site personnel, a team that more resembles family provides proof that Oxford is a close-knit organisation where all employees are seen as valuable assets to the company.

Through his hard work and contacts, he has proved that Oxford Electrical Group is a force to be reckoned with in the industry, always being on the forefront to excellence.

George Helou

At a time when Oxford Electrical Group was ready to grow, it was George’s knowledge and expertise working on tier one construction projects that enabled the smooth transition for the company to expand and meet with our growing clients’ needs.

His key roles are controlling the day to day operations, workforce labour and sub-contractors, whilst maintaining quality assurance and compliance.

His core strengths are in ensuring projects are completed within program and project budget.

George has over 18 years’ experience in the industry.

The past 13 years in Supervisory roles.

Another attribute is being able to build a relationship with the builder and client, and understand and meet their requirements.

He has worked on some of the largest projects in Sydney – some include Westfield’s Centre Point Redevelopment, Westfield Miranda, Liverpool Hospital and many high density apartments.

Making the transition from concept/design to buildability on the project a smooth process for all involved.

He prides himself on quality workmanship, service and driving Oxford to be a leading force in the industry while keeping safety as Oxford’s number one priority on site.

Paul Kardasis

Paul has over 22 years’ experience in the electrical industry working on some of the largest construction projects in Sydney. He is known throughout the industry for his resilience in getting the job done.

Paul is a natural leader and an asset to any project he is working on. He prides himself on ensuring his projects are run at the highest possible standard.

Paul was responsible in the cutting over of Centre Point and all it electrical services whilst not affecting the trading of the landmark building. This shows the ability to handle high pressure situations with the upmost professionalism.

Paul has become a valued member of the Oxford family.

Paul has a vast network of contacts throughout the industry which ensures that his employment with Oxford Electrical can provide experience of services and products to suit the needs of any project and client.

Mona Helou

Office Manager

William Ho

Accounts Manager